Rumor: New Resident Evil Revelations is on its way to being a temporary Nintendo Switch exclusive – Nintenderos

We offer you very interesting information about vampire, and that is Capcom It seems you do not want to be limited to Resident Evil Village And to the various audiovisual productions going on to celebrate the memory of the privilege, if not too New verses from Resident Evil It will be on the way as a temporary Nintendo Switch exclusive later this year or early next year.

Specifically, this information comes from Dusk golem, And he’s someone who has already meticulously leaked several details of other projects in the concession, like him Resident Evil VillageOr its subject matter or the fact that it would be a cross-heading.

We leave you with his comments in which he said that the game will be titled Resident Evil Fury When presented, which will also run on the RE engine, the same engine the following Monster Hunter Rise is using, also from Capcom:

What is your opinion? Do you think we’ll see the title soon? Feel free to leave it in the comments!


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