Nicaragua mobilizes financial resources to revitalize the economy – Prensa Latina

The head of finance and public credit commented in a space on Nicaragua’s Channel 4 TV that this will be a vital year for the country to start a new decade of growth.

About $ 165 million will be invested in modernizing the port of Corinth (Pacific, West), the country’s main maritime port, and major projects also include the start of the first section (43 kilometers) of the tourist corridor known as the Costanera Expressway in the South Pacific.

The minister noted that such projects, in addition to the development of the Gulf of Fonseca, which Nicaragua shares with Honduras and El Salvador, would mean greater competitiveness for the country and attract more investments.

He highlighted the government’s intention to attract foreign investment into the social and public spheres as a way to build the economic base that would allow for a potential growth of between five and six percent.

That goal includes the administration ahead of international cooperation in order to secure another $ 50 million for the Dry Corridor, a strip of national territory made up of 33 of the country’s 153 municipalities severely affected by the drought.

The other efforts Acosta described went well before the multilateral financial organizations sought $ 200 million this year to build new hospitals.

In the agricultural sector, the government intends to pump an additional $ 30 million earmarked for improving cows and start a vaccination program for 35,000 breeders in order to save 100 percent of the national consumption of pork, a cabinet member expected.

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