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One of the Guayaquil won the agreed fight by submitting with two minutes to go to the Armenian-American Edwin Nejmi.

Ecuadorean jiu-jitsu fighter Johnny Tama won the welterweight division belt on Friday in Los Angeles, USA wrestle (without kimono) from Fight to Win.

The man from Guayaquil took the win one year and seven months after claiming the No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship in Anaheim (California), in December 2019, and two months after being suspended with the silver medal for the IBJJF Pan Championships. Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi, which took place in Dallas (Texas).

Tama won the fight, agreed with a two-minute lead, to go to the Armenian-American Edwin Najmi in a duel at a weight of 170 pounds from wrestle, no-gi (no kimono) from show F2W 180 Los Angeles.

“To give you an idea, Fight to Win is an organization of, let’s say, UFC (The Ultimate Fighting Championship) for Jiu-Jitsu that makes fights agreed with world champions of black belt, brown belt or purple belt,” Tama said in remarks to EL UNIVERSO, Saturday, After his work day.

“Edwin Nejmei is the Pan American Champion and he was the champion fighting for victory in the above category. Now he fought for the lower category and lost to me. A star is famous and well-known in Los Angeles. More than a hundred people went to see him fight and it ruined the party,” recounted Tama, who in turn mentioned He is taking revenge on his opponent because the first time they met, in 2020, in Fight to Win 136, in a match with a kimono, the Ecuadorean lost by decision of the referee.

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“This time I was able to introduce and I’m the welterweight champion, I’m the third welterweight champion of this organization (Fight to Win),” said Champion Guayaquil, one of the greatest advocates. at the international level.

The main event was Rafael Lovato Jr. against Gabriel Arges in a match without a kimono. (Dr)

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