Johnny Depp spoke midway through the trial with Amber Heard and answered if banned in Hollywood | spoiler

Johnny Depp appeared publicly on Friday at Barcelona-Sant Jordi International Film Festival Where he presented his latest films: Minamata photographer. The 57-year-old actor had a tendency to speak to the press, He gave a lecture for about 90 minutes and I talked about it all. The star played various themes and He responded if banned by Hollywood due to his conflict with Amber Heard. What did he say?

The interpreter traveled to the Catalan capital to present the directed film Andrew Levitas, Starring himself alongside Bill Nighy. The production tells the story of Eugene Smith: A photojournalist entered Minamata in 1971 to photograph the devastation caused by mercury poisoning.. The film was shown in theaters in the United States and the United Kingdom in February, while it will be shown in Spain on April 30.

During the event (Whoever does not admit to direct questions about his ex-wife), Depp was very happy to be in Barcelona and described it as “The city where Guernica is located.” Distracted, he was consulted about his country’s policies and did not hesitate to refer to Donald Trump “Bald thorn” To all countries. “He was a wrong man before his election, like an albatross flying above us all.”As he claimed.

Johnny Depp with Minamata photographer director Andrew Levitas (Getty Images)

Additionally, he spoke about the coronavirus pandemic and said where is the solution to his point of view:It will be people, not governments or pharmaceutical companies that take us out of the pandemic. If we don’t open up to each other, if we don’t pursue the same feelings and goals, then we all lose in the end. It is a struggle of cooperation and love of life, hoping to create a better scene for our children..

The Pirates of the Caribbean star also criticized the current state of the media and provided a concrete example that worries him. “I remember watching the attack on the Capitol building on TV, when Trump stirred up the crowd. It was surprising. I changed the channel and they all tagged “Deadly Rebellion”.. And it was a killer, but they used that term as a hook. A culture of fear. Neither its writer nor his boss dared to change it., Confirmed.

Johnny Depp replied if banned by Hollywood

The actor was consulted about his career status, after he was sacked from Fantastic Animals 3 due to a conflict between him and his ex-wife. When asked directly if he feels like he’s forbidden in Hollywood, he said: “I have different feelings about it … First of all, one can only do one thing in life: wake up and breathe deeply without fear. I don’t usually think too much about these things, they are temporary problems. I am more interested in letting myself first in My life of playing music again, writing songs, writing … I’m happy to be able to do it, and I’m not going to restrict myself anymore. I paint really well, but I do. I like to describe myself as a person who flows, and he’s in a process of constant change. “.

Finally, he calls his character as Jack Sparrow and assures that he carries it everywhere with him. “I always travel with him in my bag. In case I had the opportunity, especially without the knowledge of the press, to go to the hospital undercover and become Captain Jack for the kids within three or four hours of improvisation.”He completed.

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