Recover Deleted Photos from Mobile: Solutions and How to Avoid Them

she has I lost photos by deleting them From the gallery of your Android phone? It is a fairly common thing that can be very frustrating for many users. As the layers of customization have progressed, many manufacturers have resolved a misunderstanding Deleted photos by accident. Today we tell you how you can Recover deleted photos from your mobile phone And also several solutions so that it does not happen to you again. It is highly recommended that, if you do not have a recovery system, you enable it as soon as possible, as you may need it at any time.

How to recover deleted photos on Android

There are several ways to do this and almost all of them go through having a backup system. If you have an existing mobile phone, it is possible that the manufacturer’s personalization layer includes some type of Trash. This is usually found inside the Gallery app.

Enter the gallery and access its settings to find an option called ‘Recycle Bin, “” recently deletedOr something like that. More and more manufacturers are implementing this and allowing you Photo recovery Or delete video clips.

Find this section and if you find it, it is very likely that the images you were looking for are inside. Simply You must take it back And you will be able to see it again in your device’s gallery. Of course, don’t try to find long-time deleted photos, as this is a recycle bin usually Empty every now and then So you have no problems with storage.

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Avoid losing photos by installing recycle bin

Your device does not contain a file Trash? Don’t worry, there are a plethora of apps on Google Play for this. It is highly recommended to install one ASAP, as they are very simple applications that you simply have to install and forget about. If you ever delete a photo by mistake, you will be able to recover it and you will thank yourself for installing a recovery system. These are some of the ones you can install:

Another way to avoid Check out these pictures From your gallery is to set up a photo system in the cloud. Google photosFor example, you have the option to download from Automatic method All the pictures you take with your mobile phone. You don’t have to do anything, just take a picture and upload it to the cloud to keep it stored.

This system allows you Delete a photo from your mobile phone and keep it in the cloud with Google Photos Or similar services. You just have to download Google photos and configure this automatic upload option and don’t worry when deleting pictures from your mobile phone. If you accidentally do this, you can go to the cloud version to download it again.

These are some Tricks to recover deleted photos from your mobile phone And also to prevent this from happening to you in the future. If you do not have any active method on your mobile phone, we recommend that you enable it to avoid concerns in the future.

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