The electoral reality of Venezuela in front of university students from Bolivia

“The National Elections Council called for new elections to be held on July 28 of this year with the aim of electing the President of the Republic,” the diplomat told an audience that also included political scientists, human rights activists, and leaders of social organizations. .

Trombez reported that there are currently 11 candidates supported by 37 political organizations that have met all the legal requirements for registration before the National Electoral Council.

He explained that 10 of them belong to the opposition, and he has the support of 26 organizations out of 37 registered.

Trompez explained that the United Socialist Party of Venezuela is the only one that supported the candidacy of President Nicolas Maduro, with the signatures of more than four million and 500 thousand signatures of activists and popular leaders.

He described that for this purpose, popular rallies were held in 269,000 streets, 50,000 communities, and 14,000 electoral centers throughout the national territory, where the Unified Socialist Party has organizational structures.

He stressed that for this reason, the dominant media in the service of the US government and the Venezuelan opposition sector linked to Washington’s hegemonic aspirations are trying to delegitimize Maduro’s very likely victory.

Trompez stressed that all candidates and organizations presented themselves with the same conditions, requirements and the same periods, and that in this sense there is no discrimination, exclusion or exclusivity of any political organization or candidate.

He explained that candidates who were excluded from assuming office for legal reasons were excluded.

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The ambassador reiterated that “the internal right and the United States are resorting to lies and spreading them in their dominant media, with the aim of imposing the false matrix that says that the Bolivarian Revolution prevented the inclusion of one candidate or another, and this is a lie.” .

He explained, “The agenda against Venezuela is the agenda of seizing the first oil reserve in the world, the Venezuelan reserve, and everything that is being done against our country has the ultimate goal of seizing our natural resources.”

He described that these elections mean ratifying the commitment of “our people to establishing a Bolivarian Republic on the foundations of independence, based on the thought of Simón Bolívar and the first leadership of Commander Hugo Chavez.”

“Regardless of what the dominant media publishes and everything that is said, on July 28, the Venezuelan people will be the ones who decide,” the ambassador concluded.


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