The opening of the first science and technology exhibition for outstanding and talented students

The first science and technology fair for outstanding children with high mental abilities belonging to the Educational Innovation Center for Students of High Abilities (CNNEPAAC) was opened.

In this space, 54 students from primary and secondary schools present various projects, technological innovations, exhibitions, conferences, experiments and projects in biology, physics, chemistry, electrical technology and computing, where they apply their knowledge, values ​​and skills.

Student creations include a hot water purifier, ice and electric circuits, an interactive music trainer, and exhibits on diseases and viruses on web pages, spreadsheets, how black holes work, dinosaurs, and more.

Luis Humberto, President of the Federal Education Authority of Mexico City (AEFCM), explained that this initiative strengthens schools for students of high ability and provides their families with an option for their intellectual and emotional development.

“It will be a watershed at a national level to offer a suitable educational alternative for girls and boys who have this potential. I am sure that in a few years, great leaders in science and technology and in all fields of knowledge will emerge from here; he noted the importance of appreciating the teamwork in support of this project.”

Outstanding students are those who stand out significantly from the social and educational group to which they belong, in one or more of the following areas: technological sciences, social humanities, artistic or kinetic work. Five types of distinct abilities are considered: intellectual, creative, socio-emotional, artistic, and psychomotor.

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