Joe Biden is negotiating with Democratic leaders to save his ambitious agenda in Congress

US President Joe Biden (Photo: REUTERS/Lea Mehlis)

Democrats expressed some optimism Tuesday after intense negotiations with President Joe Biden He saved his multi-million dollar agenda in Congress from internal partisan feuds.

At stake Two Huge Bills: Infrastructure Package for $1.2 trillion and a second-largest offer to expand the social safety net.

Biden hopes this will be the focus of his legacy for the country, but infighting Between the moderate Democrats who resist the overdrafts, and the progressive left who push the most, They threaten to leave you empty-handed.

This Tuesday, the President had conversation after conversation in the White House with representatives from both sides of the debate and On Wednesday, the president will head to Scranton, the working-class Pennsylvania city where he was born, to promote his plans in a speech.

“He spent the day practically, literally, every minute of his day meeting with members of Congress and I think that’s a reflection What urgency do you feel?White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said.

The intense efforts seem to produce at least some movement, then weeks of stagnation.

Democratic Parliamentarian Pramila Jayapal with other MPs: Catherine Clark, Debbie Dingell, Mark Buchan, Jared Hoffman, Ritchie Torres and Barbara Lee (Photo: Reuters / Jonathan Ernst)
Democratic Parliamentarian Pramila Jayapal with other MPs: Catherine Clark, Debbie Dingell, Mark Buchan, Jared Hoffman, Ritchie Torres and Barbara Lee (Photo: Reuters / Jonathan Ernst)

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, leader of the progressive faction in the House of Representatives, told reporters after Two-hour meeting with Biden at the White House.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer also made an upbeat note after lunch with fellow Democrats, stressing that there “Global agreement” to reach an agreement and that this should happen “this week”. “The pace has accelerated and the desire to achieve it is strong,” he told reporters.

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Biden’s counter offer

Biden originally paid for social spending bill from $3.5 trillion, expanding free education, childcare, and other positions in what the White House calls human infrastructure.

That was too much for the moderate DemocratsLed by Senator Joe Manchin and Kirsten Sinema. His opposition alone is enough to drown Biden’s initiative in the Senate where Democrats need every single one of their votes to pass any initiative.

Manchin, who along with Cinema received a visit from Biden on Tuesday, suggested no more than… $1.5 trillion in social spending.

Jayapal said after their meeting that Biden’s counteroffer is 1.9 a 2,2 Billions of dollars. “This is what he works for in order to get everyone involvedThe deputy said.

Democratic US Senator Joe Manchin (Photo: REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz)
Democratic US Senator Joe Manchin (Photo: REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz)

Democrats generally agree They take advantage of their rare, but tenuous, control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency to pass important laws while they can.

Midterm legislative elections can be held in just over a year lose the majority In one or both Houses before the Republicans.

But with Manchin blocking the largest bill to date, the progressive faction in the House responded by blocking the passage of the separate infrastructure bill in turn. This leaves Biden and his group with the prospect of being left with nothing.

However, Psaki was optimistic. “Our goal is to make progress, and based on the morning meetings and our expectations for the afternoon meetings, we expect exactly that to happen,” he said. “We’ve had months to think, debate, and litigate,” he recalls. The time will come soon to move forward and serve the American people.”

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