Your undergraduate degrees and degrees are recognized by Peru and the United Kingdom

This content was published on Oct 20, 2021 – 01:12

Lima, October 19 (EFE). – Peru and the UK will recognize their university degrees from Monday, after the treaty signed in 2018 came into force, according to the National Supervisory Authority for Higher Education (Sunedu).

“Thanks to this agreement, degrees and titles awarded by Peruvian universities will be valid in the UK and vice versa,” the agency responsible for overseeing the quality of university education in Peru said Tuesday.

He added that the treaty “came as a result of mutual trust in the university and the quality assurance systems in both countries” and that its entry into force establishes equations between the degrees awarded by the Peruvian and British universities.

In this sense, bachelor degrees issued in Peru would be equivalent to a bachelor’s degree, degrees of the second professional specialization to a “postgraduate diploma”, a master’s degree to a “master’s degree”, and a doctorate degree to a “doctoral degree”.

Sunedo concluded, “This agreement reflects the trust between the two countries to enhance student mobility and university research.”

The British Council, a British organization for educational opportunities, also described the entry into force as “good news”, while the UK embassy reiterated that it “facilitates mutual recognition of university degrees and degrees between the two countries”.

The Treaty entered into force ninety days after receipt of the last diplomatic note in which the parties reported that all necessary internal legal requirements had been met for it to become effective.

It was signed on May 19, 2018 in the Peruvian Amazon city of Iquitos by British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and then-Peruvian Foreign Minister Nestor Popolizio. EFE

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