Jeff Goldblum joins Asa Butterfield in co-authoring Stephen Fry’s The Liar.

Jeff Goldblum has agreed to star opposite Asa Butterfield in “The Liar,” a film based on Stephen Fry’s novel set to be shot in the UK next month.

Jeff Goldblum will play Donald Trifusses In the movie he will direct Tony Hager, who also wrote the quote. It is produced by Guy de Poggio From Liquidity movies. Metro International Entertainment Deals with sales all over the world.

The story is a spy adventure detailing the life of the reckless and careless Adrian Healy In passing through the school and the University of Cambridge. In Cambridge, Adrian meets the mysterious English teacher Trifussis, who may or may not be a spy and may or may not have recruited Adrian.

“I was pleased to hear that Jeff Goldblum has accepted the role of Donald Trifussis,” Stephen Fry said. «This unique and perfect blend of power, weirdness, wit, humor and charm is just what the character requires.«.

«It is very exciting to work with a true Hollywood legend who will bring the perfect crazy puzzle into the role of Trefusis. I look forward to seeing Asa and Jeff working together; It will be very special and very interesting »Director Hajar added.

Producer Guy de Poggio added:Tony’s script captivates everyone who reads it, and his vision for the film is quirky, clever, and beautiful, just like Stephen’s great source. This promises to be one of the must-see comedy films of 2022«.

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