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Thousands of people marched on Friday in the country's major cities Argentina To file a complaint with the government Javier Miley Food aid to community kitchens and they reject adjustment policies, while the crisis has already pushed poverty to more than 50% and inflation exceeded 250% on an annual basis.

in Buenos AiresThe main protest was focused on the doors Ministry of Human Capitalin the city center, is responsible for social assistance.

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“The food emergency cannot wait any longer, enough adjustments.”This was the slogan of the call launched by social organizations and leftist parties as part of a combat plan Makes it visible condition About 38,000 community kitchensa last resort for those most affected by the economic crisis.

Since taking office on December 10, the president has positioned himself as an extreme liberal Strong progress The adjustment, which in January translated into the first fiscal surplus after 12 years of balances in the red zone.

The other side is the growing social tension fueled by layoffs, Reduced retirementAn increase in the prices of food and medicine, and a blow to the prices of public services due to the reduction in subsidies, such as, for example, an increase in bus prices by 250% from one day to the next in a year. Buenos Aires.

No to increasing transportation,” “Hunger does not wait,” “The pots are empty and the pockets are empty.” Some of the slogans raised by the demonstrators were in front of the ministry.

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Some soup kitchens reported receiving from the government The last batch of food Last November, and since then they have relied on donations and municipal aid to help more people seeking help every day.

The government said it seeks to reach the maximum extent exhibition Through direct aid and avoiding the mediation of social organizations, most of which are opposed to the government.

Instead, it entered into a food aid agreement with evangelical churches About $200,000 Another almost doubles with Caritas Argentinadepends on the church Catholic.

Ministry Human capital Last month he announced the start of a survey of dining rooms “For transparent procurement of food” But community centers reported that while doing so, all deliveries were suspended.

“There will be no reason to stop sending food to soup kitchens.” The presidential spokesman confirmed, on Friday, Manuel AdorniBy rejecting complaints.

On the other hand, the government demands continuity and modernization Nutrition carda direct monthly benefit for parents with up to two children that arrived in February 69,000 Argentine pesos ($78.5 at the official exchange rate).

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