The best universities to study natural sciences in 2024

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Do you want to study a career related to the natural sciences, but don't know where? Then you would be interested to know which are the most highly regarded universities for pursuing postgraduate studies in this field, according to the latest issue of the magazine shanghai classification, Known in English as Academic ranking of international universities (ARWU).

And this is it Spain has 6 institutions among the top 100 on the planet in mathematics, physics, chemistry, earth sciences, environment, oceanography or atmospheric sciences, and studies included in the field of natural sciences, according to this international classification, which evaluates and compares the best institutions in Research topic.

For this university classification classification It relies on the results of its research, its influence, its international collaborations, the quality of its research and the international academic awards it has received.

Autonomous University of Barcelona is the best

The Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) is the best in Spain, ranking first in 3 of the 8 disciplines Integrated into the branch of natural sciences.

This university is located in Bellaterra (Catalonia), Appears in the top 75 out of 500 for studies geographyIt was distinguished by its international cooperation in the field of research, as it obtained a score of 85.8 out of 100, according to ARWU classification.

UAB also excels at EcologyIt was ranked among the top 100 companies in the world and also received an outstanding rating for its international cooperation (91.9).

next to, It also tops the rankings in Spain as the best training institution there OceanographyIt received the highest rating in terms of international cooperation in the field of research, with a score of 96.6 out of 100.

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4 Spanish universities among the top 100 in atmospheric sciences and physics

Spanish universities also get Good results in the specializations of atmospheric sciences and physical.

In the first it stands out Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) that managed to enter the top 75 universities To pursue these studies, followed by the University of Valencia (76-100).

And In physics, the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) and the University of Barcelona (UB) stand out., Both institutions are among the top 100 institutions in the world. The first is for its international cooperation (90.7), and the second is for its impact on research (88.2).

Where do you study mathematics, chemistry or earth science?

But, if you like it, it is Pursue related university studies mathematics You have to know that One of the best universities to do this is the University of Granada. This institution is the best in Spain and is among the top 100 institutions in the world, according to classification.

On the other hand, if you are interested In the field of Earth Sciences, the University of Extremadura is an excellent choiceAccording to the aforementioned classification, it is distinguished by its impact on research, as it achieves the highest scores.

but, If what you want is training chemistryThe best Spanish university to do this is Rovira i Virgili Universitywhich is distinguished by its international cooperation in the field of research (76.4).

See the following summary table to find out Top 3 universities In all disciplines integrated within the field of natural sciences.

Based on your detail Shanghai classification.
Understand how Spanish universities have been evaluated before Global rankings international It can be useful when making decisions about your studiesBut there are other important criteria to consider when it comes time to choose, such as the quality of faculty, facilities or student class ratio, among others.

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Discover the Guidance content about university studies for relevant information on the subject and the factors you should consider when choosing the university where you will study.

data sheet

he Shanghai classificationalso Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), It annually evaluates and compares the best universities in research activity.

The ARWU, prepared by Chinese consulting firm ShanghaiRanking Consultancy, takes this into account More than 1000 universities and classifies them into 55 subjects United under the following branches of knowledge: natural sciences, engineering, life sciences, medical sciences, and social sciences.

In order to put classification The following indicators are taken into account: Research results, research impact, international collaboration, research quality, and international academic awards obtained.

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