Japan breaks the internet speed record with 319 terabytes per second

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Can you imagine being able to download 10,000 HD movies in just one second? The Japanese made it possible. The National Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (NICT) in the Asian country has marked an A Internet speed record When managing data transfer to 319 terabits per second (terabytes per second)

exorbitant Speed far beyond 178 TB It was founded a year ago in Japan and the United Kingdom. Don’t even think about the limit 500 Mbps Currently shown in local contacts all over the world.

To accomplish this feat, NICT scientists used a file New fiber optic cable technology, for your test internet speed. This is 100% compatible with the real communication infrastructure that can already be found in homes.


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Photo: Andrea Biakwadi/Pixels.

These transmission items are generally 1 or 2 cores and coatings to protect data. However, what the researchers did is build Long distance transportation system about one 4 core optical fibers, Standard liner diameter. This is how a Bandwidth wider transmission.

internet speed
Photo: FrankundFrei/Pixabay.

This feat was only achieved in Laboratory tests And it will take a long time for it to be used in daily life, be it from Japan or any other country.

But the most exciting thing in the news is that the scientists involved in the project confirmed that developing 4-core fiber optic technology Can be used by providers Telecommunications.

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internet speed
Photo: Gerd Altman/Pixabay

The results are also expected to aid development New communication systems. This will require an increase internet speed, Beyond 5G In the next few years there will be a massive increase in new data services, which will need more Bandwidth.

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