Jalisco reported its first case of monkeypox in Puerto Vallarta

Through a statement, Jalisco health authorities clarified that on June 4, the notification was formally received by the National Center for International Communication (CNEI) of the Directorate General of Epidemiology (DGE), of a suspected case of monkeypox in Puerto Vallarta; It has in turn been reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) USA (USA).

It is located around a Male, 48 years old, born in and residing in Dallas, Texas (we) who visited Puerto Vallarta for tourism reasons accompanied by his partner.

The man’s symptoms began on May 30: a cough, chills, muscle aches, and pimple-like lesions on the face, neck, and trunk. On June 3, he called a doctor in Texas to report his condition, who recommended going for medical attention and reporting the suspected case to the CDC, the latter to the CNEI in Mexico.

As a related background, the person traveled to Berlin, Germany from May 12-16; He returned to Dallas on May 16 and on the 27th of this month arrived in Puerto Vallarta on vacation.

The Department of Health reported that although the man went to a private hospital in Puerto Vallarta and was suspected of having the disease and was instructed to take samples and self-isolate, he refused and “escaped” from the unit.

So his case was followed up on June 4, without being able to locate the infected person by any means of communication.

According to information from where the couple was staying, they were seen leaving with bags on 4 June; However, because the patient had a scheduled flight from Puerto Vallarta to Dallas on June 6, Puerto Vallarta’s Department of International Health notified the National Institute of Migration and Airlines the patient’s status so that he would not be allowed to travel. The plane, as well as its immediate notification to International Health.

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