Chico Perez: Do you know the woman behind your victories?

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Sergio “Chico” Perezhe has a whole team behind him, but an important ingredient inside him is Hannah Schmitz Strategy Manager Red Bull Racing; The woman behind the Mexican pilot’s victories.

Originally from the UK, Hanna Schmitz studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cambridge. And while I was a student, He was able to enter the Red Bull Racing team in 2009.

It was her passion for sports that prompted her to study this profession. When I was impressed to see German driver Michael Schumacher, She knew at that moment that Formula 1 was for her.

He rose through the ranks in just two years.

After accepting the Red BullAnd the Appointed as Director of Modeling and Simulation Engineering At the team headquarters Milton Keynes.

In 2011 she was appointed Director of Strategyand led to success not onlyczech perez but also For driver Max Verstappen.

strategic work

Hanna Schmitz, responsible for real-time analysis, Information about races, teams and track conditions among other things.

You have to make decisions about when to stop the pit, Time to change tires or some other strategy that benefits the driver in question.

most of the timeHis decisions are correct and this allowed “Checo” Pérez to get his last victory in Monaco.

Example from real life

To give us an idea of Schmitz’s work in a race “Checo” called Pérez to change the wet tires for some of the intermediate vehicles on the thirteenth lap; This allowed him to advance faster than the others.

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Later, Hanna again indicated a second frame change For some dry species Sergio Perez He came out first and led the race.

Hanna Schmitz is the woman behind the victories of Sergio “Chico” Perez, Who was able in a short time to position himself in one of the most important positions in Best motorsport team in the category: Red Bull Racing.

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