It was an affectionate encounter between Carlos of England and Rihanna, the new Barbados National Champion | the people

Having become the world’s newest republic, Barbados has officially declared its most famous citizen, Rihanna, a national hero. The artist thus joins a select group of ten other nationals designated as national heroes by the Caribbean island, who this Tuesday marks the 55th anniversary of its independence, He distanced himself from the British Crown. Among those present at the inauguration of the first president, attorney Sandra Mason, stood out Carlos of England on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II, who can be seen talking for a few minutes with the musical star and smiling under her mask.

According to Prime Minister Mia Motley, author of global hits like Umbrella NS Diamond He instilled “the imagination in the world by striving for excellence with his creativity, discipline and above all his extraordinary commitment to his native land.” “On behalf of a grateful nation and an even more proud people, we honor you by appointing the national hero of Barbados, Ambassador Robin Rihanna Fenty,” Motley added, and invited the star — who came in an orange dress — to meet with her. The president also paid tribute to the humble origins of Rihanna, who was born 33 years ago in St. Michael’s Parish and raised in the capital, Bridgetown.

Singer Rihanna and Prince Charles in Barbados on November 30, 2021.Toby Melville (Reuters)

This is not the first time that the country has recognized the singer’s role as the island’s ambassador. In 2017, Westbury New Road – the street in Saint Michael where the star was born – changed its name to Rihanna Drive. In addition, the region has already awarded the artist the title of Ambassador Extraordinary and has tasked her with promoting tourism and education.

Nor is it the millionaire businesswoman’s first meeting – with a fortune of over €1,400m thanks to her make-up company – with a member of the British royal family on the island. In 2016, Rihanna and Enrique of England coincided in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Barbados’ independence, where they could be seen together and animated during the Golden Anniversary Spectacular Mega Concert. On that occasion, they greeted each other with a hug and took part in HIV tests to raise awareness of the importance of preventing the disease in the region.

During his stay in Barbados, the Prince of Wales was criticized for Some comments he supposedly made a few years ago About the appearance of the future children of his son Enrique and Megan Markle. Prince Charles’ office denied the comments, compiled in a new book published on Tuesday, saying “this is fictitious and does not deserve further comment.”

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