‘It might be GOTY’ Willyrex actually played Horizon Forbidden West and that’s what he thinks

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Forbidden horizon west It is without a doubt one of the biggest releases of 2022. After it debuted on February 18th, thousands of people were able to meet Aloy once again to live a new sci-fi adventure. Of course, the great characters also decided to try the guerrilla games title.

An Internet celebrity who has been eagerly awaiting the PlayStation video game, Willyrex is the popular and controversial Spanish YouTuber. So, after playing for several hours, he decided to share his impressions on his Twitter account despite the risk of receiving criticism from the community.

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‘Wonder’, Willerix thinks Horizon Forbidden West is a candidate for GOTY

Wilrix begins his review with the assertion that he completed the main quest after 21 hours of gameplay. This is because, for the most part, he did not participate in side quests and other additional activities.

And so, the creator claims it The horizon is forbidden West is an amazing and wonderful game. He states that he was able to run it on PS5 and urges his community to try out Performance Mode, which delivers 60 frames per second at 1800p.

Of course, Willerix listed a series of items he didn’t like in the title. First of all, he says the riddles didn’t appeal to him, while the parkour didn’t resonate either. He also states that the dive mechanic hated her a lot and believed that the skill tree had room for improvement. Finally, he noted that the system for buying and upgrading equipment is not clear, which is why he is pleased with the system seen in the first game.

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“And that’s it. Everything else is amazing: the landscapes, the diversity of enemies, the biomes, the history, the characters, the details in every corner of the map where 1% of the players will go… It’s all amazing.” Willerix commented, We’re in February, But this may be the GOTY.

YouTube points out that he doesn’t usually play many single-player titles per year, so he’s asking that his opinion not be taken seriously. Despite this clarification, some users criticized the creator for reviewing it. And of course, there were also joking comments on the topic of NFTs.

Willyrix wasn’t the only famous character who shared his thoughts on the Guerrilla Games title. We recently told you that esteemed director John Carpenter, who is responsible for the franchise Halloween And the the thingtook advantage of their social networks to pay tribute to the work of Ashley Burch, the actress who plays Aloy.

But tell us, do you agree with Willerix’s statements? Let’s read to you in the comments.

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Forbidden horizon west Available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Follow this link to read more news about it.

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