It is among the top 10 most watched non-English language films on Netflix in 11 days

“snow community”film Juan Antonio Bayona About the plane crash in Andes In 1972, history is made in Netflix. The film, which arrived at the streaming giant on January 4, after its theatrical release, has already made its way into the world of cinema. The 10 most watched non-English movies In the history of the platform. What is also an important achievement is that it was achieved in just 11 days 51 million views, According to data released on Sunday by Netflix.

The list reflects the data achieved by productions during The first 91 days of its releaseIt is expected that “The Snow Society” will continue to add positions in the “ranking” little by little, as it has another 80 days left to climb the positions.

At the moment, the Norwegian film tops the list ‘troll’ (with 103 million views), but among the 10 most-watched films on non-English speaking Netflix, there is a lot of Spanish representation.

“Nowhere”, “The Hole” and “Through My Window”

Second place, in fact, goes to “Nowhere”Survival movie Directed by Albert Pinto And heroically Anna CastilloWith 85.7 million views.

Third place in the “Rating” is also for another Spanish production, ‘slot’, to Galder Gazillo Urrutia, 82.8 million. It is followed by another Spanish title, which is romantic “Through my window” With 61.1 million.

In the top ten out of 93 countries

Waiting to see if “The Snow Society” will be able to climb further places in the “Rankings”, as it has already fallen into the top 10 out of 93 countries, including F.Old, Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico and the United States.

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Moreover, Bayona still has a long way to go at the awards show. After being nominated for an award Golden balls For Best Foreign Language Film, it is expected to be Oscar nominee In the same category representing Spain (nominees will be announced on January 25). In the same section It will compete in the British Film Academy BAFTAs.

In the GoyaSpanish Film Awards, up to 13 nominations, and in Fayrouz Awards You will compete in four categories.

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