Calling an election in the UK does not halt negotiations with Spain over Gibraltar

Call for elections in United kingdom Next July 4, as announced by the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak On May 22, it was the decisive blow to the British political council.

Beyond the internal consequences of electoral advocacy United kingdomThe start of the electoral process cast a shadow of uncertainty over the negotiations between the two parties European Union And Spain With the United kingdom To give the British colony Tarek mountain A final status that allows it to join the Schengen Area after Britain leaves the European Union.

The obvious question is whether calling a British election would mean negotiations being paused until a new parliament is formed Westminster A new government in Downing Street.

Regardless of whether a final agreement will be reached sooner or later, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union The Spanish Cooperation Organization stated, in response to a question posed by El Debate newspaper, that the negotiations “continue to be open and progressing.”

The State Department notes that the negotiations “respond to an outstanding work of art.”

The ministry states that “the operation has repeatedly witnessed situations similar to the current situation.”

It appeared that the agreement might be resolved during the meeting held by the Spanish Foreign Minister. Jose Manuel AlbarezAnd his British counterpart, David CameronWhich was held on May 15 in Brussels.

But the meeting ended without reaching an agreement on the future status of relations between the two countries European Union and Gibraltar.

These controls mean that British citizens want access to it Tarek mountainWhether or not they later want to go to Spain, and thus to the European Union, they must undergo passport control by Frontex.

Moreover, there is the thorny issue of the status of the British naval base in Tarek mountain And the movements of the British soldiers displaced on the rock.

This may be the main obstacle British military base It is not limited to the port of Gibraltar only, but it includes facilities throughout Al-Sakhr, which turns Gibraltar into a large military base.

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