Ecuadorian lawmakers question Noboa’s report to the nation

Member of Parliament for the Construi Movement, Jorge Peñafiel, told the press that the president had failed to express loudly the statements and what he did while exercising his office, but unfortunately “we did not see that and what we saw were many videos.”

In his opinion, there were very few expressions regarding the political situation of the country, which is going through a major crisis, mired in crime and unemployment, and he did not mention that in his speech on Friday.

For parliamentarian Mariana Yumbai, from the Pachacutec movement, Noboa’s statements do not correspond to reality, because contrary to what he stated, there is no job creation, and that is precisely why many decide to emigrate.

Yumbai criticized the lack of medicines and supplies in public health centers, and considered that there is still a lot of work to be done and a greater commitment to solve major problems.

From the Christian Socialist Party, assembly member Lenin Rogel, quoted by El Universo, commented that the information provided was very general, and that the data revealed were not conclusive.

Rogel noted that although he spoke a lot about the issue of security, the country’s insecurity numbers have not actually decreased, but in many cases have increased.

Members of the Citizens Revolution Committee did not attend the session to express their rejection of the government administration. However, they spoke out on their social networks regarding the report with messages accompanied by the hashtag #6MesesDeFarra.

He continues to make promises and platitudes, thinking like a candidate towards 2025 and without solving the real problems of families, which go beyond TikTok and his inner circle, drunk on power, Viviana Fellowes, RC and first vice president of the association.

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Among the issues left unheard by MPs and citizens or the president’s overthrow are the terms of the loan from the International Monetary Fund, specific figures on progress against organized crime, what will happen with the closure of the oil field in Yasuni National Park, among other issues.

According to the Legislative Position Law, the Council must, within a period of ten days, form a specialized committee to prepare a report on the president’s statements.


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