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The athlete was better at the floor routine during the competition held in Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro was a host Pan American Artistic Gymnastics Championships, where is he Ecuadorean Israel Chiriboga Reached the gold medal in the floor routine.

The tournament was held from 4 to 6 June, with the participation of delegations from United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil. This was his last chance to get his ticket to Tokyo.

Chiriboga, belonging to Pichincha Sports Focus, I have got Ecuador’s first gold medal in the Pan American Championships, in the senior category. He added 13,550 points on the ground, as well as finishing fifth in the Arzons.

Chiriboga qualified for the finals at Floor, pommel and Bars, Achieving a historic result for Ecuador to become The first athlete from Ecuador to win a gold medal All over America. In bars it was located in fourth place with a number of 12800, and one tenth of the third place remains.

The result on the ground was: 1. Israel Chiriboga with 13550 from Ecuador. 2 – Tomas Rodrigue, with 13,100 from Brazil. 3- Julian Gato from Argentina 13050.

The Brazilian gymnasts Caio Campos and American Paul Judah They captured both places at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

This was the last event where two women and two men could get a ticket to Tokyo 2021.

The competition was organized by American Gymnastics Federation Under all biosecurity measures and without the presence of the public.

At Pan American, the first day was training; What is more, Draws were held over other training sessions and presentation bouts in competition; On the second day, players competed for the maximum accumulation, which is the sum of the subscription on all devices and It also gives the rating for the second day of competitions.

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Only the top eight qualify for the finals by machine. Team The United States only participated in the first competition and withdrew all its players That finally passed and this gave an opportunity to those who were in reserve to participate in the second day.

The delegation of Ecuador was made up of gEmnastas Alice Perea, Analia Calderon, Joan Pillai and Israel Chiriboga; coaches, Rosendo Verdesoto and Maykel Mora; the two judges, Lesth Alvarado and Juan Jose Abad; Delegate, Nadia Manusalva.

Alice Periya Passed among the top eight athletes in the final jump and land Achieving fourth place in the jumping device with a score of 12783 points.


“I have been elected president of Ecuadorean Gymnastics Federation (FEG), in November 2019, we focused on settling scores, In preparing everything to start the year 2020 and the epidemic comes to us. The whole year of 2020 and what was accomplished was the work to settle the overdue accounts, the task was accomplished more administrative than sport; Of course, we try to keep the athletes active through virtual conversations, and joint training of the national teams,” says Michele Andrade, President of FEG.

The captain, upon qualifying for Ecuador’s performance in Brazil, noted: “Ecuador’s result can be considered very successful Because it was possible to maintain the level despite the epidemic, despite his confinement. Israel is from Pichincha and it was more difficult for them to return to training. A gold medal is a historic thing It is the product of his work with his coach Franklin Castillo, who kept him energetic in all the circumstances that arose.”

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The new leader said:The result makes me very proudBut I have no such as mine, I feel it is the job of people who make up gymnasticsWho love sports and who stand behind the athletes. I have been a facilitator of information, operations, projects and financial support along with the Ministry of Sports and I have tried to keep the processes as they should, Well done and in pursuit of supporting the athletes.”

The head of the FEG stated that Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, some projects were cut short They will, however, have coaches for high-performance men and women. “right Now Those selected will participate in an overseas camp As well as Ecuador will be present in the upcoming qualifiers for the American Junior Games, which will be held in Cali, Colombia, (Dr)

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