ISEN: 40 years of excellence in social sciences and security

ISEN: 40 years of excellence in social sciences and security

ISEN Centro Universitario, affiliated with the University of Murcia and located in Cartagena, has been dedicated to higher education for more than four decades, with a particular focus on the social sciences. The foundation’s primary mission is to create, develop and transfer knowledge, believing that education is the central focus of any society. It provides its students with solid training that allows them to excel in their responsibility, ethics, critical spirit and desire to improve, which in turn greatly improves their employability, which is one of the core pillars of ISEN.

Within the Strategic Plan of the International Sustainable Energy Network, two main objectives stand out: internationalization and digital transformation. The institution seeks to increase its international presence through cooperation with universities in Central Europe, Latin America, the Maghreb and China. This includes exchanges and residencies for teachers and students. Regarding digital transformation, ISEN aspires to lead this process, understanding digitalization not only as a tool, but as a cultural and organizational change necessary to permanently improve and update the digital skills of its educational community.

During the current academic year, ISEN renewed its agreement with the University of Anahuac in Mexico and established new collaborations with various universities, including the Catholic University of La Plata in Argentina, the Hassan II University of Casablanca in Morocco, the Nordic Business School NBS in Germany and the University of Asia and the Pacific. in Philippines. In addition, ISEN has signed agreements with the Spanish Atlantic Society and several institutions, educational centers and companies in Spain.

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ISEN is a member of CONRIS, a European network of universities offering programs in security and risk management. This network aims to improve security in Europe through university cooperation and research. It also facilitates exchange opportunities for teachers and students through Erasmus agreements.

The ISEN Security Degree, organized in collaboration with the Faculty of Law of the University of Murcia, is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students to analyse, identify and manage risks and dangers. Graduates are trained to work in various security fields, including law enforcement, industrial and environmental security, cybersecurity, and more. This degree also offers the additional titles of private detective, director, and chief of security. The program is taught in person and remotely.

ISEN offers a double degree in Criminology and Security in collaboration with the Faculty of Law of the University of Murcia. This program is ideal for those who want to join the National Police Corps and other security forces. ISEN is responsible for certification subjects in security, providing complete and specialized training.

ISEN is distinguished by its commitment to students and society, orientation towards professional skills, pedagogical innovation, personal support to students and the promotion of a multilingual and international professional profile.

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