Is Queen Elizabeth II absent in the full platinum jubilee?

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On June 2, it was The United Kingdom celebrated the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, She is 96 years old, and she is The oldest king in the world It celebrated seven decades at the head of the British nation.

Queen Elizabeth appeared on her platinum jubilee in poor health

But the presence of nearly a century on Earth has its effect, The Queen was seen with little movement and slow and with some health problems Which he carries in his life, but he remains strong despite everything.

The Queen Isabel She was encouraged on Thursday when she appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace by a huge crowd celebrating 70 years of her reign.

in this way, The King appeared in a blue coat and hat, Queen Elizabeth II She kept smiling and standing still, but only for a moment, because she didn’t feel comfortable in the act.

Moreover, He was seen leaning on a cane alongside his cousin, the Duke of Kent, Colonel of the Scottish Guards, where 1,500 soldiers marched in front of the palace on the first day of the “Platinum Jubilee”.

Is Queen Elizabeth II absent in the full platinum jubilee?

But The alarm sounded when the British government announced that it would not be present at the entire celebrationBecause he suffered from some diseases.

According to the BBC in London, The Queen will not attend Jubilee Friday prayers at St Paul’s Cathedral, After feeling uncomfortable while watching the show.

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a Buckingham’s statement said the decision was made “with great reluctance,” After considering the flight and all the agenda the Queen had to come to.

“I hope that the coming days will be an opportunity to reflect on everything that has been achieved during the past seventy years, and we look to the future with confidence and enthusiasm,” His Majesty said on social media.

a) yes, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II lights up the main lighthouse outside Buckingham Palace in London, From a quartet at Windsor Castle, as part of the Platinum Jubilee.

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