Iran is ready to cover energy demand in Europe

“If Europe wants to ensure the security of its energy supplies, it should review its strategy,” Mir-Kazemi was quoted by Hispantif Persian TV station as saying.

He stressed that “Iran will cover part of Europe’s demand for energy, provided that the other party shows a continuous commitment and avoids being influenced by third parties.”

These statements come after a visit to this capital by Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau, who held a meeting the day before with Mir Kazemi, who also chairs the Joint Cooperation Committee.

Senior government officials said Iran and Poland could expand their trade and economic ties by holding regular forums between government and private sector representatives in both countries.

Stressing that his country regards Iran as a country with great potential, Rao expressed interest in greatly enhancing its economic exchanges with Tehran authorities in the near future.

The visiting diplomat said that the deep-rooted historical and cultural relations between the two countries can help the two countries enhance their cooperation in various fields.

The Polish Foreign Minister also criticized the position of some European countries towards Iran.

He announced Poland’s actions to establish a direct air route between Warsaw and Tehran, as part of its efforts to increase trade relations with Persia.

In the previous days, the chief Polish diplomat held meetings with the President, Seyed Ibrahim Raisi, and the Iranian Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir Abdullah, last Sunday.

During the meetings, the two sides called for the intensification of bilateral relations and stressed the importance of removing existing obstacles to trade between the two countries.

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