The Pfizer vaccine reduces its effectiveness by up to 84%.

The vaccine Pfizer Biontech It provides 84% ​​protection against coronavirus at two doses and 65% with a single prick, according to analysis of the Vaccination Program United kingdom.

These numbers slightly reduce the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine by about ten percentage points compared to initial estimates from clinical trials.

The data is relevant, not only because it has already been collected in the field but because it still offers a very high rate of effectiveness.

Only when Astrazeneca had just cut supply in half of the planned doses for the European Union, leading to a tough confrontation with European Commission , The Pfizer vaccine is the main alternative in the ancient continent.

Keys to effective results

  • The first dose reduced the risk of developing symptoms of the disease among patients by 65% ​​in younger adults and by 64% for those over 80, according to sources consulted by The Sun, who made the conclusions.
  • With two doses, Pfizer vaccine protection increased to a range of 79% -84% according to age. In this sense, the protection afforded by the Astrazeneca vaccine is similar.
  • To date, 12.6 million Britons have received the first dose of either vaccine. More than 90% of those vaccinated are over the age of 80.
  • Although the effectiveness is slightly lower than trials have shown, they are “reassuring” numbers, says Paul Hunter, professor of medicine at the University of East Aglia. “If you get 65% protection after three weeks, that’s really good,” added this expert.

Relaxation restrictions

What then Read?

Pfizer responds to AstraZeneca with more doses in less time

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The goal of a government Boris Johnson It so happened that 15 million citizens were vaccinated in mid-February. Next, the British prime minister will consider easing the draconian restrictions that caused the biggest recession in 300 years.

The problem is that vaccines are not effective enough against new strains of the virus, particularly the South African alternative. Some scholars are concerned that it may be more prevalent across the country than they think.

What seems clear, as Pfizer points out, is that its vaccine is effective against the mutation in the UK and has even confirmed that it can be effective against the South African variant, although more studies are needed to confirm this aspect.

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