Invoice of 907 million and 50% come from exports to 70 countries

The decoupe group It is a Spanish agricultural food cooperative whose turnover last year exceeded 907.7 million euros. Specifically, it is a second-tier cooperative, i.e. the entities associated with it are corporations. In total, Dcoop consists of about 75,000 farmers and ranchers.

The company stands as the largest producer of olive oil and table olives globally. In addition, the cooperative also operates in the wine, livestock, nuts and grain sector. According to its chief, Antonio Luc, Dcoop’s goal is to become the world’s leading agri-food companyreducing intermediaries and communicating with consumers in the most reliable and competitive manner possible.

Currently, Dcoop has Various filling stations Of oils, wine and table olives. Likewise, it is involved as an owner in many companies that provide other industrial and commercial services, such as meat products, vegetable oil refining and wine. Farmers, ranchers and associated cooperatives in dcoop It is distributed by the autonomous communities of Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, the Basque Country, Castile and Leon and Andalusia.

Export to 70 countries

Last year, the turnover of the Spanish group amounted to more than 473.1 million euros thanks to the export of its products to more than 70 countries. specific, The United States is the main recipient of the company’s products, with a turnover of 168.9 million euros in 2020. Italy and France are behind, with profits of more than 74.7 and 42.3 million, respectively. It is followed by Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and Portugal.

The group is the largest producer of olive oils in the world. The most quantitatively important variety of Dcoop is the picual, located mainly in Jaén, Cordoba and Granada. Followed by hojiblanca, located in Malaga, Cordoba, Seville and Granada. They also grow other species such as cornicabra, chamomile, verdeal, lychee, arbequinas, and others.

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Dcoop brings together a hundred cooperatives in this field, and in some years has produced more than 225,000 tons of extra virgin olive oil; Production is higher than all countries such as Greece, Turkey and Tunisia. Likewise, the company is the largest producer of table olives in the world.

in 2020, Oil accounts for more than 52% of Dcoop’s sales volume, in total, about 475.4 million. While table olives and livestock accounted for more than 12% of the group’s total sales separately, amounting to 114.9 and 112.7 million, respectively.

Dcoop Companies

Dcoop is made up of several companies. Merquill is a company dedicated to marketing primarily bottled olive oils, both as their own brand and as brands distributed worldwide. In 2015, there was a 50% exchange of shares with the American Pompeian Group. The bottling plant in Mercaóleo has a capacity of more than 100 million liters and is the most modern in the world.

for this part, Pompeian is a company dedicated to marketing olive oil in the United States. It is 50% owned by the Dcoop Group and is the leading brand in the sector in the North American giant. Finally, half Cordoba International It is owned by Refinería Andaluza and the other half is owned by Mercaóleo.

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