In the United Kingdom they are already talking about a new turn in Kate Middleton’s health

Since Kate Middleton recorded a video clip to end speculation about her health and officially announce that she had cancer, there has been a lot of talk in the media, information portals and social networks.

Over the past few months, the Princess of Wales has become the absolute hero of headlines, covers and searches, as there are high expectations about her recovery and everyone wants to cover a sensitive and important topic like this. However, this media attention has also caused various hoaxes to spread online.

Kate Middleton visits church.

Andy Cummins / Daily Mirror / Other sources

A few days ago, Kensington Palace had to come out and deny that the English aristocrat was receiving any kind of cancer treatment at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Various American media outlets published this information based on comments from users of Reddit, a platform that acts as a forum. For citizens, where everyone can write and upload photos and links…

Some of the site’s writers claimed to have seen the princess at the St. Regis Hotel in Houston last weekend. Others added information and stated that she was receiving treatment for her illness at the prestigious center mentioned above. according to Houston ChronicleBut this information was denied by a Kensington Palace spokesman, who confirmed that it was a “completely false” story.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Zak Hussein / / GTRES

Despite the great media hype surrounding the issue as it is not an official channel, many of Middleton’s followers echoed the statements of English journalist Katie Nicholl. After speaking with people close to the aristocrat, the broadcaster confirmed that the princess would not return to public life until she was “100%.”

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Nicole sent a reassuring message through the medium the sun Which delighted Kate’s fans: “I think it was a struggle at first and I was very relieved to hear from more than one source that she’s turned a corner recently. All I’m hearing is that she’s going back to work.”

Great popular support

Everyone knows that the British Royal House has witnessed some dark events recently. However, it seems that society has put aside its opinion of the institution to truly care about Kate Middleton’s health.

Over the past few months, the Princess has received thousands of messages, comments, and messages of love, encouragement and affection, which shows us that she has great support, both within the borders of the United Kingdom and abroad.

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