In the UK they talk this way about Ayuso managing housing during the pandemic

investigating in Citizens Committee for Truth in Madrid Residences Published on March 15, led to the conclusion that 4,000 lives could have been saved during the worst of the Covid pandemic.

Report it Now I have crossed the limits This was echoed by the British press. specific, guardianIn an article entitled: “More than 4,000 Covid victims could have been saved in Madrid residences”.

After citing the Covid Commission, they assert that all these lives could have been saved if “The regional government would have allowed them to be treated in hospitals“.

They stress that the report that was published is “an attempt to reconstruct what housing in the region looked like.” Among the deadliest in Europe In the first months of the epidemic.

guardian It also echoes “the protocols in place from March to mid-April” which “appear to show that the Madrid government, led by the Popular Party, assumed She initially ordered officials to prevent the transfer of patients“.

“The Madrid government has previously denied these allegations. When contacted for comment, a government source in Madrid described the committee’s report as:Completely politicized“, he pointed out.

British media also pointed out:They were going to die anyway“Which was used by the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, a few weeks ago in the Madrid Assembly.

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