Futuristic scientific space in Malaga that brings confrontation with Granada

The Council recently stated this It will strengthen the role of the Granada Science Park, which will be responsible for leading and coordinating the Andalusian educational publishing strategy. The statement that came after Friends of the Science Park Society and PSOEamong others, interpreted the draft Establishment of the Andalusian Institute for Educational Publishing of Sciences (Principles) As a step to Establishing a museum similar to the Granada Museum in Malaga.

The controversy arose when the Friends of the Science Park It was interpreted as an “attack” To this museum in Granada was announced the creation of the Andalusian Institute for the Educational Publishing of Sciences (Principia), a project of the Council with Same goals as the park But located in Malaga.

The association's board of directors explained in a statement Strangeness Due to the establishment of this entity under the Ministry of Education, the decree became subject to public information with the principles being established A “renewed attack” on the museumSpecifically, the most visited science park in the country, and its rich history of scientific spread at the national and international levels, they pointed out that “the announcement of the establishment of a new organization that repeats the same goals as the current science park explains our concern,” pointing out that the “Institute for the Future Equal in functions and structure and doubles expenses“.

The association interpreted the Board of Directors' proposal as a “subtle” way to reduce the value and importance of the Science Park and obscure the museum to empty it of content.

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However, Educational Development and Vocational Training Advisor, Patricia Del Pozo, At the extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors on the 26th in Granada, he challenged these speculations, justifying this by saying that “the Center of Principles (in Malaga) It won't be a loss“For the area of ​​Granada.

Del Pozo suggested that it be a museum Granada leads the Andalusian strategy for disseminating educational sciences During the extraordinary meeting of the Park Management Board held a few days ago at the request of the PSOE and the IU as a result of the possible creation of the Malaga space.

The center explained principle Malaga, for which the Ministry is preparing a decree now in the draft stage, seeks to continue introducing The same service it was providing before the extinction of the consortium to which it belongs, and which is in the process of being resolved.

To achieve this goal, the project defines the legal form of Distinctive administrative administrative servicewhile maintaining the same purpose and powers as when the now-defunct consortium was created in 2003, while the Science Park is a public law entity with its own personality.

The second draft of the decree states that the Malaga Center will retain its traditional name, which is the Center of Principles, and will have… Same staff and budget.

“As it has been so far, it will continue to be great Awareness work Without this resulting in any loss to the Science Park, quite the opposite It will be added like all the other centers that will be integrated into this Andalusian deployment strategy Science education,” del Pozo added.

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Science Park Panorama.

Some interpretations made the Socialist Municipal Group seem “satisfied” after clarifying the role that the Malaga Principles would play at the regional level and interpreting it as having forced the council to “retreat”.

New principles

The controversy arose because the ministry is working to transform the Principles Center in the capital, Malaga. Closed since October last yearat the Institute of Educational Publishing, a new institute that “will play a role The main work is in promoting scientific culture Through various measures such as communication, dissemination and promotion of scientific education,” the aforementioned drafts stated.

“In addition to Changing students’ attitudes towards scientific subjects and promoting scientific careers“The institute must be able to mobilize, raise awareness and Student training It requires and needs appropriate tools and instruments to acquire scientific knowledge,” the proposal asserts.

“Principles will become a center for scientific and technological publishing.” Vital importance in the province and in the autonomous region Thanks to its development towards a new legal character that allows it to establish relations with other public and private institutions through the formula of the agreement, as well as approving public prices and fees for use by third parties.”

What will happen when it runs and whether, as the Science Park Defense Association points out, it will collide with Granada space or not, although the debate still lurks for now.

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