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Those who know say that the face is upset Lawrence Douglas Fink Leaving the National Palace. President and CEO of BlackRock Fund Manager, better known as Larry, accompanied by a gray-haired figure came out with a frozen book containing part of the security strategy in Mexico. Could the president have to give explanations to that company that is one of the world powers for its economic power? As an old columnist says: It’s a question. The chief, who left shortly after the meeting with his baseball cap on, gave us the blessing with his hand aboard a white Jetta, but did not want to answer us.

in the shade…

The response of the federal authorities to videos circulating on social media about alleged killers hunting the military was to send a new team of 900 to fight organized crime in Michoacan state, from Alfredo Ramirez PedollaBy the way, it was ranked the most violent entity in the country, with 27 massacres recorded so far this year.


The military body that will arrive in that country will reinforce the 400 soldiers who were sent a few days ago to enhance security in those lands, in addition to the 350 soldiers who arrived last April. This contrasts with the governor’s statements, who asserted that it is necessary to “abandon” the “futile” fight against organized crime.


Minister of Tourism Miguel Torokohas a business agenda in Washington, D.C., where he has met with various organizations from the neighboring country to outline cooperation plans that allow Mexican destinations to position themselves in key markets with significant purchasing power such as Germany, Canada, Korea, the United Arab Emirates, India, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom.

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The official has held meetings with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Consular Affairs, Rina Peters; The American Association of Travel Agents and Expedia, to develop joint strategies to accelerate the economic recovery of the sector. In fact, the fame of Mexico, due to its serious security problems, is hitting the spirits of Japanese, Korean and Emirati tourists, who do not want to take risks in an area that some media describe as nobody’s land. .


The permit has already been confirmed for Mercado Libre, David Geese, to operate an electronic payment institution. They presented their brief on September 23, 2019 before the National Banking and Securities Commission, but it was barely formally authorized in The Official Gazette of the Federation.


He talks about the struggle for the presidency between those of four teayesterday Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He responded when asked about the scandal of metro line 12 that he brought with him Claudia Sheinbaum: “The only thing I can tell you is that I trust her, and that she is an upright and honest woman. Because I trust him, that they will not interpret, I have great confidence in the Minister of the Interior; I had to take care of many issues and that is why I invited him, and he has helped me a lot.Minister, Marcelo EbrardIt helps me a lot.” Nothing to anyone, they don’t make balls.

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