In Panama, they demand responsible voting in the general elections (+ photo)

After signing a cooperation agreement with the Parliament of Latin America and the Caribbean (Barlatino), based in this capital, allowing it to use part of those facilities for its work, the official confirmed that the entity she heads has only one component: the people.

Castrillon reiterated that the upcoming general elections will be a favorable moment for critical thinking and discernment in the face of the challenges posed by artificial intelligence and disinformation.

The ceremony was also attended by the President of Barlatino, Cuban MP Rolando Gonzalez Patricio. The President of the Electoral Tribunal, Judge Alfredo Junca, revealed that the JNE will be inaugurated as of May 4 for a 40-minute audit to elect the President of the Republic, Vice President.

They will also announce Panamanian legislators to the Central American Parliament (Parlasín).

He explained that the minutes will come from the audit committees of the 30 electoral districts of the head of state and his deputy, and a special voting table from the register of voters residing abroad.

Speaking, the TE President stressed that the elections in four months will be the most controversial of the democratic era in Panama and that their main enemy is disinformation, which is why he urged the candidates to respect the results presented by the JNE and fight for them. A better country with transparent political competition.

For his part, Gonzalez Patricio indicated that Barlatino will celebrate the 60th anniversary of its establishment next December, and will continue its commitment and support to strengthening democracy, regional integration, and social equality.

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He noted that with regard to the internal affairs of each country, Barlatino once again offers its facilities to the JNE for the successful conclusion of this important electoral process in Panama.

On May 5, Panamanians will choose at the ballot boxes the new president and vice president of the country, 20 deputies in the Central American Parliament and 71 deputies in the National Assembly.

Through voting, they will also elect 81 mayors, 701 town representatives, and 11 council members, with their alternates, for the period from July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2029.


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