Efficient designs for upcoming airports for flying taxis in the UK are being explored

The future of air traffic is beginning to look promising in some countries

AI recreation of London's Vertical Harbour

Much can be debated about the current state of intercity transportation and urban mobility itself, with electric cars like those offered by Tesla and the different types of electric scooters that can be purchased today. However, we ignore that we have a whole Unused space above our heads And why some countries It is already starting to become important in their lives Future plans.

Airports designed for the vehicles of the future

In this case we have to talk about News published by the Civil Aviation Authority From the United Kingdom, where it opened Public consultation To know what's different Designs Which can adopt the so-called vertportsThese are the places from which electric air vehicles take off and land.

In this case, the British proposal Search for airports already in the country so they can To merge Within its new facilities Vertical airports Which could serve as the basis for modern vertical take-off and landing aircraft, which are expected to gradually begin operating within its borders.

the identification Provided by the Civil Aviation Authority about vertports Is that they are “kind of”. airport Or the location of the processes used or that may be used For arrivals, departures and surface movement to Vitol planes.

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the Suggestions Which is sent to the Civil Aviation Authority Departing from ground airports Who want to incorporate space for Operations Made by eVTOLday and night, yes, according to Visual flight rulesknown as VFR.

There are many Advantages To merge This type of vehicle At the airport, since, on the one hand, They don't need long landing runways To carry out their maneuvers, in addition to the presence of Maneuverability Superior to any other air vehicle.

the Low emissions And its capabilities as well Urban transportation These are other interesting advantages of vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOLs). Sophie Louise O'SullivanFuture Safety and Innovation Officer at the General Civil Aviation Authority. It was announced Which:

UK airports are vital to unlocking the future of aviation operations. By leveraging existing regulations, we will enable future operators and airports to develop their operational understanding and expertise while growing our collective knowledge of the technology and operational scenarios to support this infrastructure.

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