Maduro recalls the coup against former President Hugo Chavez during the “International Summit Against Fascism”

The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, recalled the beginning of the Bolivarian Revolution during the “International Summit against Fascism” at the Miraflores Palace, in Caracas, with On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the coup against former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Faced with the exhaustion of the Pontifical model of democracy, the oligarchic, the elitist, it began to form from The depth of the Venezuelan social process, the pioneering new participatory democracy conceptMaduro said during the meeting held from April 11 to 13 in Caracas.

In this way, he indicated the initiation of this Venezuelan social process, as well as the media’s media silence – and Right-wing operations – during the coup Against former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, on April 11, 2002.

The hegemony of the story and the lies of the West must be broken Faced with the emergence of a multipolar and multicentric world,” Maduro judged, referring to the media.

He also criticized Venezuelan President Pedro Carmona Estanga, president of the Federation of Chambers (Fedecamaras) and de facto president of Venezuela during the 47 hours of the coup. “Swearing Carmona Estanga, the character of the Sibyl, is very reactionary, very neoliberal, Too rightist, very pro-gringo, pitiyanqui dragged into gringo interests”He expressed.

In this sense, he explained that Carmona Estanga “changed ministers, central bank chiefs and All governments orderedaccording to the state-owned TV channel Venezuela de Television (VTV).

Fedecamaras were the critical opinion of the country’s monetary and economic policies Until Hugo Chavez Frías and the Bolivarian Revolution arrived, where the power of the people was present”The Venezuelan president added.

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“You must have confidence and belief in the miracles that people can do when they are well informed and directed. I am sure that time will work miracles if we continue to express courage and courage to stand up for the truth among the peoples of the world.”settled on his official Twitter profile.

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