In alliance with the University of Arizona, UVM opened a medical degree; Opens opportunities internationally

UVM is part of the World Health Organization's Global Directory of Medical Schools, which allows graduates to pursue graduate studies in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

– UVM, the leader in not performing experiments on cadavers or animals; They have technological tools that allow them to learn about the organs and systems of the human body in a vital way.

Mexicali.In Mexico, it is estimated that by 2030 the population will increase to more than 120 million. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has declared that the number of medical personnel in our country is insufficient to cope with the increase in life expectancy and the increasing exposure to so-called emerging risks, most of which are related to unhealthy lifestyles. Against this background, the University of Valle de Mexico (UVM) Mexicali Campus announces the launch of its medical degree and a strategic collaboration with the University of Arizona that will bring about a positive transformation in public health education in Mexico.

Internationally recognized as a Top 100 institution, the University of Arizona will expand the horizons of those aspiring to become medical professionals by offering them the opportunity to earn a degree in public health from America's leading institution as well as a certificate in public health. Medicine. .

This collaboration will enhance the academic training of students and open new opportunities at international level in the field of health in Mexico. Graduates will be able to validate their medical degree in both Mexico and the United States, which translates into a positive economic boost to their career and significantly expands their employment opportunities.

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With this announcement, the UVM Mexicali Campus seeks to enhance the training of high-quality health professionals to meet the growing needs of primary care in Mexico and the region. The institution raises this goal by implementing a redesigned and innovative educational program equipped with the latest technologies to deliver high-level education.

In addition to the Rector of UVM Campus Mexicali, Mtra. Vernica Bermédez, this initiative was launched by other authorities of the institution such as the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mtro. ral caraballo; Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences Dr. Alejandro Porras; National Director of Medicine and Dentistry, Dr. Blanca Hernandez; and Regional Director of Campus Operations, Mtro. Angel Pea. From the University of Arizona, Justin Dotram, Associate Vice President for Mexico and Latin America for International Education, and Dr. Gabriela Valdez, Director of Global Education, participated as guests of honor.

During the event, a tour of the facilities was held, during which the significance and significance of obtaining a double degree was highlighted.

Ral Caraballo, Academic Vice President of UVM and laureate of the Mexico Prize – the country's largest private education group – stressed the importance of training professionals with a focus on primary care, in response to the needs identified by the organization internationally. ) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

Currently, UVM has 13 campuses offering the dual degree, with a medical curriculum re-validated in collaboration with the University of Arizona. Students have the opportunity to study certain subjects online and spend the summer on some courses in the United States, with the only requirement being a B2 level in English.

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Regarding technology and equipment in the Bachelor of Medicine, UVM has implemented medium and high-fidelity simulators in specialized laboratories, such as hospital, operating room and simulation offices, as well as structure, function, skills and skill laboratories. These resources allow students to work on clinical cases to improve their skills and ability to respond, contributing to the quality of training.

One of the distinctive elements of the educational institution is its focus on biology, being a pioneer in not conducting experiments on cadavers or animals, using technological tools such asVisible bodyIt allows students to digitally work with, implement and apply clinical cases at the treatment level, at all levels of work.

UVM medical schools are registered inGlobal Directory of Medical Colleges (WDoMS) of the World Health Organization, giving graduates the possibility of developing graduate studies in the United States, Canada, and Europe

Through this strategic collaboration, the university strengthens its commitment to Mexico by training doctors who are prepared to make a positive impact on the country's health, and consolidates itself as one of the premier private education institutions nationwide.

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