They claim that Kate Middleton has reappeared “happy” in the UK

The American website dedicated to celebrity news, TMZShe published a video that would prove the Duchess of Cambridge's reappearance in the United Kingdom, after a series of speculation about her health.

Kate Middleton and Prince William were spotted visiting the Windsor Farm Shop, which is located just a mile from their residence in Windsor. This departure comes after the English tabloid the sun To report sightings of the pair in the area over the weekend.

Witnesses told the aforementioned media that they saw Kate “happy, relaxed and in good health” while walking in the local supermarket with her husband. Although their three children were not present, they say the couple spent the morning watching their children participate in sporting activities.

The shots I got TMZ It shows Kate wearing a casual tracksuit, and she appears to be in good health despite rumors of unspecified abdominal surgery. The royal couple appeared calm while shopping, with William carrying some bags next to him.

To remove any doubts about the authenticity of the video, TMZ Ensures that the metadata verifies that the registration was made near the residence of the Prince and Princess of Wales in Windsor.

This “royal sighting” marks Kate's first public appearance since December, after undergoing a medical procedure that kept her out of the public eye. Although Kensington Palace did not provide specific details about Kate's illness, rumors and conspiracy theories have surrounded her absence, fueled by past events where photos were doctored.

A recent photo editing incident, where an attempt was made to mislead the public with edited photos of Kate, sparked speculation about her authenticity. But this new video seems to deny such theories and confirms that the Duchess is fine.

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With this new evidence available, the question arises: Will it be the truth about Kate Middleton's health this time?

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