How does my chronic illness affect my emotional health?

the Patient organizations platform (POP) submitted the project Karrubiwhich is the first validated measure Patients With chronic diseases They can Measure impact From his illness in Psychological, emotional, emotional, social and work sphere.

Karina Escobarits president, recalls that “ emotional problems Associated with chronic diseases can lead to Deterioration From the pathology itself. Detect in a timely manner If the patient’s emotional health is deteriorating, this allows mechanisms to be put into action. help necessary to provide supports Hence their advantage Quality of lifeTheir psychological and emotional stability and better management of their disease.

CROBI Project – abbreviation for Synchronicity and well-being– Developed in collaboration with NovartisIt targets these people Patients Who want to know how their illness affects them Psychological and social healthalthough clinicians can also use the scale as an additional tool for Watching Of his patients. in progress studies Monitoring and quality of life, and by departments Give the solution For the health and social needs identified through the project.

But how does it work? Basically it is a Anonymous questionnaire Of 24 items it allows the impact of the disease to be assessed in two dimensions: Psycho-emotional And social work. Impact to evaluate Index of psychological and social well-being (IBPS), which measures on a scale from 0 – minimum – to 100 points – maximum, or equivalent, the complete absence of psychosocial impact derived from illness.

The questionnaire can be completed at Less than 10 minutes And when finished, user You will be able to view yours automatically results Global and remote.

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to Access to the questionnaire click here.

Related emotional impact He snorted Of a chronic disease means that patients have a greater risk of developing the disease mental disorder. In fact, the ‘Stady About the emotional impact of chronic diseases‘ Indeed revealed that more than half of patients feel isolated Because of their diseases and that about 70% of experience Symptoms of depressiona state among other things of fatigue, exhaustionSadness and sleep problems carelessness.

Moreover, it is especially important to approach A four five% late Two years or more in receiving a diagnosis of their diseases. Delay has a direct impact on range Educational and/or workas well as in familySocial life and the development of the disease itself.

As Escobar concludes, “the majority of people with chronic diseases realize that their illness changes their lives.” Social, familial and emotionalOne way or another, this circumstance is born Negative feelings That belittles them Quality of life. So, Same interest To the psychological or emotional level more than the physical level.

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