IMSS Hidalgo exceeds its goals in specialist surgeries and family medicine consultations

Pachuca, Hugo, July 9, 2021. – The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Hidalgo has exceeded the goals set for performing specialist surgeries and family medicine consultations during the 4th National Day of Restoration of Ordinary Services, during the days of July 2-4.

The foundation reports that 35 general surgeries for the gallbladder and walls have been performed in five out of six hospitals in Hidalgo, more than 20 initially planned, to achieve the goal, said the prevention and prevention coordinator. IMSS Healthcare, Juan Alberto Aguilar Martinez.

In this regard, from the main surgical program of the District General Hospital with Family Medicine (HGZ / MF) No. 8 in Ciudad Sahagún, 23 urological operations were performed in central patients from Pachuca, Tula de Allende and Ciudad Sahagún, which totaled eight surgery in addition to 15 originally planned operations.

Regarding ophthalmology consultations, the goal of which was to reduce delays in this specialty, nearly double the planned 50 consultations were performed, resulting in a total of 97 consultations.

As part of the International System of Neurological Disorders’ Fourth National Day throughput, 237 family medicine consultations were performed, of which 112 were for diabetes, and 106 were for arterial hypertension. 105 detections of breast cancer by physical examination and 278 detections by mammograms; Similarly, 98 of cervical cancers.

34 diabetes care consultations were also conducted; 98 prevention checks, exceeding the target of 60; In addition to 23 dental consultations.

The above, within the framework of the “100 Days to Move IMSS” strategy, which was developed across the country with the participation of essential workers, managers of the three tiers of medical care units, the 35 representation chief, directors and UMAE managers, with optimization of day, night and weekend shifts.

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At the national level, 35 state representative offices and 25 highly specialized medical units (UMAE) were performed, 477 surgeries were performed, more than 3 thousand 578 operations were raised as the primary goal; In specialized consulting, 25 thousand 99 were reached, that is, an additional 3 thousand 805; While in family medicine consultations there were 72,245, that is, 14,647 more.

Similarly, 52 organ and tissue transplants were performed on this day, including 21 kidney, 21 cornea, 9 bone marrow and 1 liver transplants. Two multi-organ cadaver donations were registered at UMAE Traumatology “Dr. Victorio de la Fuente Narváez”, in Mexico City, and another at the Hospital Especialidades “Manuel Ávila Camacho”, in Puebla.

Head of the IMSS Medical Benefits Services Headquarters in the entity, Dr. Juan Darío Islas Serna, highlighted the visit of the Coordinator of Level II Hospitals on Saturday 3 July to HGZ/MF No. 1 in Pachuca, Dr. Luis Rafael Lopez Ocaña, who verified the activities in The hospital identified needs to improve operations.

Medical care was carried out under a strict safety and hygiene protocol to protect patients, as well as the institutional staff assigned to the hospital units.

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