Minsex: Cuba has received and is receiving international donations to fight COVID-19

Magales Estrada, Department of Economic Cooperation MINX, Photo: Ismael Francisco / Cubadepat.

Considering the various proposals that we have received on our digital portal and our social network profiles for potential donations to Cuba to counter the Covid-19 pandemic, Cubadebate I contacted the Director General of Economic Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (MINCEX), Magalys Estrada Díaz, who confirmed that since last year, Cuba has received various international donations and accounts in Cuban banks have been enabled to receive financial contributions from abroad for this difficult fight that The country is fighting the epidemic.

The MINCEX Board of Directors responded to our concerns on this matter:

What is the willingness of the Cuban authorities to receive sincere and beneficial international cooperation?

Cuba receives external resources of international cooperation from multilateral, bilateral, governmental and private sources, including natural persons, through specific programmes, projects, donations, or situations based on the economic, scientific and social development of the country, particularly in exceptional or emergency situations. .

Driven by the country’s economic situation in the 1990s, international cooperation has increased as a source of external resources that complement national efforts for the country’s development.

Currently more than 351 projects funded by 33 countries and cooperation agencies. The conference will be attended by 54 non-governmental organizations and solidarity societies, and more than 64 research centers and universities.

In the past five years, 963 million US dollars have been implementedIt primarily targets the agri-food, water and sanitation, environment, renewable energy, health and education sectors.

Parallel to the transformations in the Cuban economic and social model of socialist development, on April 1, Decree-Law 16 of 2020 and supplementary rules came into force, regulating the cooperation that Cuba provides and receives, creating conditions for better implementation. Resources received and to make the approval process for cooperation procedures more flexible and faster.

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In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, has the country received international cooperation? How was it directed?

To counter COVID-19, an urgent measure has been approved that includes the possibility for Cuban citizens residing abroad and Cuban natural persons in compliance with the official mission to donate also through Cuban legal institutions, As provided for in the current legislation on international cooperation.

Applications are received at MINCEX, coming from our embassies abroad, by national entities receiving the donation and by foreign legal and natural persons interested in donating.

Donations are made to Cuban legal entities and imported resources exempt from paying customs duties.

Since November 2020, a bank account has been created to receive the financial resources that will be donated. This account is still operational at this time. The data is:

Account: 0300000005336242

Title: Emergency Donations


Although the distribution of resources to the entire Cuban population, in exceptional cases or catastrophes, is carried out by the Ministry of Economy and Planning, through the system of internal trade or any other system created for it, to confront the epidemic, the resources allocated to the citizens of the health system, are imported and distributed by the Ministry of Public Health using its business system.

MINCEX keeps our embassies and our donors abreast of the procedures for channeling donation offers to combat COVID-19, as well as basic priorities and needs.

Since the beginning of the epidemic caused by COVID-19, Cuba has received many expressions of solidarity and support. At the end of June 2021, 543 donation offers were received from over 51 countries, including from governments as diverse as: China, Vietnam, Venezuela, Russia, Canada, Switzerland, Angola, South Africa, India, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Belize, Belgium, Italy, Malta, Spain, Nicaragua and Peru; As well as foreign companies, solidarity societies and Cubans residing abroad.

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An important role in financial resource management has been developed by Agencies, programs and funds of the United Nations system and international cooperation agencies from various countries in Europe and Asia who work in our country.

The associations of Cubans living abroad, together with the solidarity groups with Cuba, have sent 33 offers. It highlights the International Solidarity Campaign to vaccinate the country and the movement to send needles to Cuba.

Similarly, a group of prestigious companies have made their donations to Cuba.. Among them:

Biggest corporate donors face COVID-19

country Business
Germany MCV commercial in Cuba, 14 ambulances
Spain Blancafort, meat food
China PR Zhengzhou YUTONG, Protections
RP China Jack Ma & Alibaba Foundation, a means of protection
RPCHINA Shenzhen Huawei, a way to protect
RP CHINA AVIC International CATIC, a means of protection and hygiene
Italy ITALSAV, a means of protection and hygiene
Brazilian Brazilian Entrepreneurs (protection, hygiene, food)
Vietnam Vimariel y Viglacera SA (Protection and hygiene

and food)
Czech Republic AKESO, Antigen Testing and Testing Machines اختبار
Argentina Laboratorios ELEA PHOENIX SA, medicines
Switzerland multinational travel, supplies and medicine
Turkey Karen, lung protection and ventilators
Panama Biolab International SA, Protection and Food

In general, despite the tightening of the blockade that imposes severe restrictions on the transportation of resources, increases in prices, freight rates, equipment, supplies and medical supplies have been received in the country. The most important ones include protections, PCR diagnostic decisions, sample carriers, respirators, syringes and needles, and food. In addition, 504 thousand US dollars were donated in cash.

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Some donations to the country have not been activated due to the strict restrictions imposed by the blockade, which have intensified in the midst of this pandemic.

Our government and people thank everyone who made a gesture of solidarity with this country.

– Given the current peak of the epidemic in the country, Cuban friends and Cubans abroad and good people have shown their willingness to help for the legitimate purposes of solidarity. How will these proposals be directed?

In the face of this complex situation, Cuba certifies that donations can always be sent to the country in accordance with established procedures. Any questions or concerns can be directed to our embassies and consulates who know the details of this procedure and can best direct those interested in the matter.

Similarly, from next Monday, the email address [email protected] will be available, through which interested parties can also contact to receive guidance or clarify doubts.

We have attested to the reliability of the system in delivering donor aid to the beneficiaries, as has always been the case and proven in previous operations in which we received donations in Cuba.

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