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It seems that some media have had a chance to get a new one Nintendo Switch (OLED model). Here we bring you the first impressions they gave after trying it, translated into Spanish.

Specifically, these are small prints that members of the press have already posted on their websites. Specifically we have statements from IGN, who liked the screen, GameSpot, which recommends the console for those who play in manual mode, and The Verge, who says manual mode is significantly improved. In general, we can see that They are completely satisfied They agreed that it was a huge improvement for portable game.

We leave them below:

IGN — Tom Marks, Associate Review Editor:

The power of the new screen is (unsurprisingly) more visible when turned on, and it instantly shines brighter and clearer from almost any viewing angle I tested. Honestly, it’s no exaggeration to compare its vibrancy when the Game Boy Advance SP got an updated model with a brighter screen, making the original switch look noticeably dimmer when compared directly. Its colors are richer too, and I’m not kidding when I say that the grassy fields of Breath of the Wild almost look like green cartoons viewed side by side.

The next most exciting feature of the OLED model (somewhat surprising) is actually its improved kickstand. It’s no secret that the base model’s predicate is flimsy and unreliable, but I didn’t expect this version to provide a solid answer to the problems of its predecessors. Not only does it extend the length of the back of the adapter, but its hinges provide a satisfying amount of resistance so you can easily tilt it at almost any angle and be confident that it will stay that way. It’s incredibly sturdy, with the same tactile finish as the back of the Switch Lite. If it weren’t for the charging port that remains closed while standing still, I’d say the need for third party support is now almost dead.

Game Spot – Alessandro Villari, Editor and Producer:

While people who usually play dock mode with solid TVs won’t be surprised by the OLED model’s visuals, this still makes portable mode look better than ever. Honestly, I was curious to see my other favorite games, like Bayonetta 2 or Smash Bros. Ultimate, on the new screen.

Key areas where Switch OLED sees improvements focus on the wearable experience. While the portable mode is convenient, it also provides less than ideal conditions for experiencing certain games as compared to playing them on a dock. While I often prefer playing Switch games in manual mode, there are times when I play in TV mode, which allows me to get a better idea of ​​the visuals and game performance. Unfortunately, the notable improvement here is the OLED display, which means that the main feature of the new model will be lost when playing in docked mode.

the edge – Dieter Bohn, Executive Editor:

The OLED model of the Nintendo Switch justifies its existence, but does an update to the standard model justify us? For most people, the responsible answer is no. The improvements here will not open up new experiences or gameplay possibilities, but rather will make existing experiences more enjoyable.

However, I don’t think I will be responsible. He knew that when he got in it was “just” a toggle switch with a bigger, brighter screen. Now I know that after turning it on, the portable mode seems less compromising than it does today.

what do you think? We read to you in the comments.

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