IMSS Clinic No. 29 in San Diego de la Union, Guanajuato reopens its doors Grupo Milenio

the Family medicine unit (UMF) No. 29 in sDiego de la Union It opened its doors again with the aim of bringing services closer to the deserving population and thanks to the joint work between Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in Guanajuato and the authorities of the federal government.

“As a federal public institution, IMSS complies with the directives of the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to bring health services closer to our deserving population, thus improving their quality,” commented IMSS Delegate in Guanajuato, Dr. Marco. Antonio Hernandez Carrillo.

He stressed that the reopening of the unit, which will benefit nearly 5,000 beneficiaries, was made possible thanks to the intervention of the Director General of IMSS, Teacher Zoe Robledo, to ensure access to institutional services in San Diego de la Union and its surrounding areas.

Dr. Hernandez Carrillo stated that the services that the unit will provide are: family medicine consultation, preventive medicine, vaccination, detection of chronic degenerative diseases, prenatal monitoring, monitoring of healthy children and cancer detection, among others.

He reminded eligible residents of San Diego de Union to go to UMF No. 29 to process their discharge only by presenting their National Health Card, so that they can receive primary medical care, for which they will no longer have to travel to other municipalities starting last February 1. .

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