IMSS and the Durango government inaugurate a family medicine unit

CEO of Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), teacher Zoe Robledo; Today inaugurated by the Governor of Durango, Dr José Rosas Esboro Torres, and the head of the entity’s IMSS Representative Office, Dr Julio Gutierrez Mendes, Family Medicine Unit (UMF) No. 1, which benefits more than 53,000 beneficiaries.

This FMU, which has been relocated from District General Hospital No. 1, has 14 family medicine offices and seven nurses, and started operating on February 2 this year and already records the productivity of 9,880 consultations, 1,524 for preventive medicine, 134 for dentistry, 248 services For social service and 136 in the field of nutrition.

UMF No.1 Director Dr. Alejandro David Herrera FloresHe explained that 10 family medicine clinics are in operation and it is expected that the remaining four clinics will be operational within a month, increasing the capacity of care.

He pointed out that there are 129 health and administrative workers working in the morning and evening shifts. More employees of various categories will be recruited to increase productivity.

The Dr. Herrera Flores He noted that UMF No. 1 has a new ultrasound device that allows for timely monitoring and care in antenatal monitoring of pregnant patients, and reduces wait times for specialized imaging studies.

I thank on behalf of the workers IMSS He noted that this work is so important that it will benefit 81,000 beneficiaries, significantly affect better quality care and reduce waiting times in medical care.

UMF License No. 1 will attract 27,000 461 beneficiaries UMF No. 49, which is also located in the capital of the entity.

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Family Medicine Unit No. 1 is located on 502 Calle Canoas Street, Silvestre Dorador, in the state capital.

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