Image of Bolsonaro eating pizza on a New York street because he was not vaccinated against Covid-19

Compulsory dinner for Jair Bolsonaro and his entourage in New York.

Jean-Georges, Lou Bernadine, Eleven Madison Park or Maria are some of the restaurants in New York that have Michelin stars and usually have a hole in the agenda of the many leaders and dignitaries attending the United Nations General Assembly starting this Tuesday in an American city. but For the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, these exclusive gourmet centers are off-limits.

On Monday, on his first night in the Big Apple, Bolsonaro had to settle for pizza on the street – like any tourist on a budget – because he had not been vaccinated against covid-19.

and that is All New York restaurants require diners to prove they have received the double vaccine before serving.

And it’s not that the Brazilian president was not warned. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio urged world leaders – and the Brazilian in particular – to get vaccinated before the United Nations meeting, which runs until 27 this month.

If you don’t want to be vaccinated, de Blasio announced at a press conference, don’t bother coming.

but Brazil’s president is skeptical about the vaccine against the virus that has infected more than 21 million people and killed nearly 600,000 people so far in his country. Furthermore, Bolsonaro boasts that he has not been vaccinated, stating that his immune system is strong enough to resist the coronavirus.

When he met British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday, he publicly invited him to be vaccinated with AstraZeneca, the most widely used vaccine in the UK. Not yet, Bolsonaro answered in front of the cameras, shaking his index finger in disapproval and disapproval.

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Among all the leaders of the G-20 in New York, Only the Brazilian president has announced that he has not been vaccinated.

There has been much debate about whether leaders and their diplomatic delegations should present vaccination certificates to enter New York, however, for the sake of diplomacy, the UN has stated that there will be an exception and will apply an honor system among its members, with the confidence that they will be vaccinated before travelling.

However, the city requires proof of vaccination to access enclosed public places, including restaurants.

because Jair Bolsonaro and his entourage, including two cabinet ministers, were forced to eat pizza while standing on the sidewalk near their hotel.

The delegation posted the impromptu dinner on Instagram, and some supporters praised the president for the “simplicity” he demonstrated by enjoying fast food on the streets of Manhattan.

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(taken from Yahoo news)

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