I’ll come back or see you, baby

In the year 2029, machines have taken over the planet, but the resistance of humans led by John Connor is on the verge of victory. A terminator – half man, half machine, with human tissue, a metal chassis and an integrated microprocessor – has been sent into the past to kill Sarah Connor – John’s mother – thus changing the future.

The science fiction and action film, selected by the Library of Congress to be part of the National Film Registry- is played by the actor, businessman, politician and bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Released on October 20, 1984, it was the 14th highest-grossing in that year, it raised $78.4 million, and started a successful franchise consisting of several films, TV series, video games, comedies, novels, etc. And he left us the famous phrase: “I will return” – I will return -.

Go that Schwarzenegger is back, in 1991 the big screen was a co-star in Terminator2: Final Judgment. An epic produced by James Cameron and grossing $520 million, it broke the record for the highest-grossing film and once again gave us another famous catchphrase: “Hasta la vista, baby.” A well-known phrase that in recent days has been used by the politician, journalist, Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson in the House of Commons – the British Parliament – to bid farewell to office, after a series of ongoing scandals and the majority rebellion of resignations in his government.

The future is not written. John Connor says: There is nothing more than what we make of ourselves. So who could replace Boris Johnson? On September 5, the voting base – nearly 200,000 members – of the Conservative Party will participate in an internal competition to choose between two finalists: Liz Truss – the foreign secretary – or Rishi Sunak – the former finance minister and a prominent Conservative – the latter being just over Box office and associated with Johnson.

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Boris Johnson is leaving and we don’t know if he will return. Instead, Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to Hollywood after his successful stint in politics, he was governor of California twice (2003 and 2006), and eventually applied his favorite phrase “I’ll be back” well, because if he returns to star in several films including; Terminatorgenesis (2015) and Terminator: Hidden Destiny (2019), although with less success and without abandoning their famous phrases.

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