Ian McKellen asks the gay community to support trans people: ‘We should all be allies’

The transgender community has been the center of attention in recent years because for the first time most people have begun to learn about their rights; While other LGBTQ groups have gained greater acceptance in society, stigma persists when it comes to transgender people. Ian McKellen (X-Men – 81% The Lord of the Rings – Return of the King – 94% The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – 75%), the actor who played Gandalf in the trilogy Lord of the Rings And Magneto in Tenth of the men De Fox recently spoke out about it and criticized the fact that some gay people are not in solidarity with the transgender community.

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McKellen is openly gay and has long been an advocate for LGBTQ rights, which is why he engaged in a conversation with actor and singer Olly Alexander (insert the void – 72% Gulliver’s Trips – 20%) on TikTok, marking LGBT History Month, celebrated in the UK in February to celebrate the cancellation of an article in 2005 prohibiting teaching of LGBTQ topics and speaking on the topic to children in schools.

During the conversation, the 81-year-old said that the transgender community is currently facing similar problems to those it has faced directly in the past, but he regretted that there are gay people who are refusing to support everyone who falls into the category. anomaly (Across Yahoo News):

I hear gay people talking about transgender people with the same terms people use to talk about being gay. The link between us all is that we are under the queer umbrella: we are queer. In fact, I really like being gay. The problems transsexuals face with the law aren’t much different than they used to be, so I think we should all be true allies.

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McKellen also commented on Alexander that he is envious of his generation, because of all the opportunities that have been afforded to the gay community; Just being able to live without fear of publicly revealing your sexual orientation is a privilege that previous generations have not enjoyed. Alexander was born in 1990, so he belongs to the millennial generation, who was distinguished by a very noticeable social conscience.

McKellen’s words don’t hurt in this era where celebrities like J.K. Rowling, a book author Harry PotterContribute to stigmatizing the trans community with messages that claim to be well-intentioned but laden with unjustified biases and generalizations. The writer garnered disapproval even from many of her fans, as a large portion of them are LGBTQ.

Another actor who has worked with McKellen in the past and came out as a transgender in January is Elliot Page. Gandalf’s interpreter said in an interview with Attitude Magazine He was very proud of his ex-co-worker, but regretted not having previously discovered that Paige’s shyness was derived from the fact that he was suppressing his true feelings in the world:

I remember Elliott Page, in one of the [películas] From “X-Men”, it was the closest we are now. And he had to speak when it was over and I couldn’t hear what he was saying. Nobody could hear what he was saying. So, I said, “Look, if you can’t talk, do you mind when you’re done talking, just lower your hand to know when you’re done talking?” Now it’s Elliott. And I’m so happy with Elliott, and so disappointed in myself that I didn’t even discover how difficult it was to communicate with him.

Given the discrimination that transgender people and other LGBTQ community members continue to face, and given how much needs to be done, what McKellen said seemed like a necessary message.

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