Already on Netflix, The Last Bus series, an environmental action tale

On April 1, it premiered Netflix league The last busan eco-friendly tale about the adventures of a diverse group of students who, during a school trip, become heroes when a robotic apocalypse wipes out the rest of humanity.

Full of humor, excitement, adventure and mystery, The last bus It starts with some students’ journey to launch the “Genie Orb,” a new type of robot designed to clean up the environment. When tech billionaire Dalton Moncus (Robert Sheehan) presents AI-powered orbs, fluctuating all attendees and thousands of similar acts around the world. Amid all that carnage, students manage to get back on their dilapidated school bus and go home in search of answers, only to find a mysterious empty world.

Realizing that they must fight back, the students hit the road to find Dalton Monkhouse and find out what happened to their families. Along the way, they encounter increasingly dangerous problems – from giant scrap monsters to a damaged orb in a seemingly personal vendetta – and overcome their differences and demons to become a makeshift family.

produced by wildside studios, Based in the UK, and created and written Paul Nevesy The last bus starring Lauren Agovo, Musa Mustafa Phoebe de Silva Daniel Frogson Carys John Nathaniel Saleh Marley Morell And the Robert Sheehan.

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