IAG continues continuously and exceeds €2

IAG, Amadeus and Aena opened with strong increases, maintaining the strong bullish reaction on Monday.

Thus, IAG is revalued by more than 4 per cent and already exceeds 2 euros, while Aina stands out by 1 per cent.

On Monday itself it was known that The US will allow vaccinated travelers from the European Union to enter from November.

The Travelers must show their vaccination certificate Jeff Zentes, President Joe Biden’s coronavirus response team leader, said a negative test was taken three days before the trip.

This decision represents another step in easing restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

80% of Europe’s population is potential travellers

The US decision could lead the EU and the UK to take similar actions.

Fourth Income Analysts say 80 per cent of Europe and Britain’s population can travel without any restrictions.

Hope that European airlines To start scheduling flights to the US from November And that the traffic data is improving significantly from this month, considering the higher latent demand and the reactivation of these long-haul flights,” they explained from Renta 4.

The most important effect British Airways and Aer Lingus will, the two airlines most dependent on traffic to North America and suffering by far.

for this part, IAG is set to operate in the fourth quarter at up to 75 percent of 2019 capacity This news should help bring you closer to the 2019 data.

IAG and Ryanair are the best buying options

Bankinter analysts noted, “We maintain our buy-back recommendation for the airline sector as an alternative to take advantage of the cycle recovery, although it is very selective and only for very dynamic profiles and a long-term time horizon.”

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Its recommended values ​​within the airlines are IAG and Ryanair, but also in the tourism sector of Amadeus.

For its part, Renta 4 retains “extra weight” in IAG shares.

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