“I never doubted because I always felt Spanish”

Paula Badusa He is At the moment, the best Spanish tennis player in WTA ranking. Despite the fact that she has been at an erratic level for some time causing her to drop out of the top 10, the 25-year-old is recovering from tennis and will have to be watched closely on the clay court tour. Next week starts, when you will have a golden opportunity to climb many positions.

However, the girl who became No. 2 in the world had the opportunity to compete under the American flag, since it must be remembered that she is of Spanish parents. Born in New York He also lived in several cities in the United States. Because of this, when he went on to make the jump to professionalism, he got offers from both the American and Spanish federations.

However, as he admitted in an interview with BrandShe was always clear about that I wanted to compete for Spainbecause we must remember that he has also lived in several Spanish cities and that he has dual citizenship: “At that time I had offers from the United States and Spain, but I never doubted because I always felt Spanish».

In addition, during the interview with the aforementioned medium, the Spanish tennis player spoke about her next goals, because although she spent a few somewhat erratic months, we must not forget that she was very close to being No. 1, a position that she would not Never give up «The dream and illusion of being No. 1 and winning a major championship They’ll stay there until the day I retire.. This is what I work for and wake up to every day.”

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Paula Badosa poses with the Spanish flag and the Indian Wells trophyProfessional Tennis Players Association

Rafael Nadal, his idol

Another thing that has always been said the most about Paula Badosa His admiration for Rafael Nadal. Those who know Spanish assure that she watches tennis practically all the time regardless of the level, but she has always had a clear favorite and that is none other than Manacoury.

In fact, the Spaniard recalled how it was the first time she met Nadal, a day she will never forget: «He was my idol from a young age. The first time I came across it I was so nervous I did not dare to ask for a picture And they had to ask for it for me.”

Furthermore, Badusa admitted that even today, after knowing him for so many years, she still gets nervous when she sees him. “He’s always so natural, so polite and makes you feel good… though I have to admit that Every time I see him I still get nervousBadusa admitted.

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