The Faculty of Social Sciences of Cuenca will address “blockchain” technology and new economic paradigms – University News

“Blockchain and New Economic Paradigms” is the title of the conference that will be held next Monday, April 17, by the Faculty of Social Sciences of Cuenca with the aim of exploring the potential of this technology that relies on collecting and storing information in a shared and decentralized way.

The Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) will host on the Cuenca Campus the conference “Blockchain and New Business Models” on April 17, an initiative led by Professor María del Sagrario Navarro Lérida with the aim of exploring applications of the so-called ‘blockchain’ technology or block chain In the fields of law and economics, such as digital evidence in experiments, the so-called ‘tokenization’, the process of replacing sensitive data with unique identification tokens that preserve all essential information of the data without compromising its security.

The meeting, which can be followed live from 11:15 a.m., will be opened by the University Vice-Chancellor for Culture, Sports and Social Responsibility, César Sánchez Meléndez. And by Professor Navarro Llorida, who will give way to the first speaker, Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid and legal advisor to Grant Thornton Alfredo Muñoz García, who will talk about Distributed Accounting Technology (DLT in its English acronym) . And, in particular, from the “blockchain”.

For her part, the Curator of the Land Registry, Jimena Campuzano Gómez-Acebo, will present the news related to the “tokenization” of real estate assets and the role of registrars in the face of the disruption of this technology. The list of speakers also includes Managing Partner of Accuro Technology Iván Becerro Abajo, who will present success stories of blockchain technology in the context of process tracking, or initiatives in Web3 and metaverse domains; In addition to the person in charge of Tecnogados, Juan Carlos Fernandez Martinez, with a conference on “blockchain” as a legal guide, as well as the principles of cybersecurity of the technology.

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