Sony with years of underplaying its competitors in their patents

There are many corners of the internet where console wars are intense. Unfortunately, it is part of the life of a fairly large part of gaming fans. Surprisingly, some seem to be in the ranks Sony They are also fighting on the front lines.

It was discovered that for more than a decade, Sony Hints have been thrown at both Nintendo Likes Microsoft in his various patents. for some reason, Sony The two game companies have been belittled almost every time they file a patent related to Play Station. Below is an example of something like this, with inflammatory language in bold.

For example, the end user device may be a personal computer or a home entertainment system (eg, Sony Playstation 2 also Sony Playstation 3 also Sony Playstation 4a portable gaming device (for example, Sony PSP also Sony VitaAnd Or a home entertainment system from a different but inferior manufacturer“.

[Patente de Sony]

Sony Not called directly Nintendo also Microsoft In the above excerpt, however, it is painfully clear who they are talking about. once again, Sony He’s done this over and over again over the years, and it’s pretty awful to watch.

Additionally, these patents often include a line that reads, “Use the PDF version for legal purposes.” If revised as directed, the PDF version does not include the bold line above. In other words, Sony They know very well that listing a phrase disparaging the competition is nothing more than mean, but they still can’t resist publishing it.

Sony He has not commented on this discovery yet, but it is very embarrassing to see him exposed. It will be very interesting to see if they make a statement, and more importantly, if they remove this kind of language in future patents.

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