Huge celebrations for Colón fans, despite restrictions in Santa Fe

After Cologne beat Independiente 2-0 and qualified for the League Cup final, Santa Fe He dressed for a party and thousands of Sabalero fans took to the streets Celebrate the victory, Despite the restrictions on combating Hello again Coronavirus.

After Luis Rodriguez and Santiago Pierott turned to give victory to the team led by Eduardo Dominguez, the streets of Santa Fe were filled with cars and people, who celebrated in unison with red and black flags, drums, torches, trumpets and even fireworks.

The videos quickly spread to social networks, and as expected, it was clear that basic protocols were not being respected, such as Social distancing And use Chin strap. Additionally, celebrations were held at the time they were Trading is prohibited.

In some posts uploaded to Twitter, how The police tried to disperse Fans, thus generating many tracks on city streets and roads.

According to the decree signed by Governor Omar Beiruti, until June 4 by implication, new measures are being contemplated Restriction of vehicles Every day of the week between 6 PM and 6 AM, and Banning social gatherings In private homes and outdoor public spaces, among others.

The Colón crowd gathered on the day the provincial capital recorded 478 Covid-19 cases, which is Highest figure Since the beginning of the epidemic. In addition, 12 deaths from the virus have been reported.

As if that wasn’t enough, Santa Fe is it The third most affected area Due to the Coronavirus, with 345,071 cases and 5,545 deaths, the numbers only surpass CABA (418,250 infections and 8,934 deaths) and Buenos Aires (1,610,286 and 40,368).

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After eliminating Avellaneda, he will face Colon Final on the title Against Racing on Friday 4 June of 19 in San Juan.

On the day of the match, The restrictive measures will remain in effect, Although this hardly precludes a new mega-celebration in the event that Sabalero is declared the champion of the local competition.

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